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This site was created because I was tired of searching for "how to get free bitcoin" or "earn free bitcoin" and finding garbage sites full of spam links, "bitcoin faucets" and no real way to actually earn bitcoin

Your search is over...

Below are 3 ways to start earning bitcoin today.. if fact you'll get up to $37.50 in free BTC right off the bat before you start to earn bitcoin almost daily for eternity  :) 

There are only a few legitimate companies that allow you to earn bitcoin right now and they are listed below.  They are at the forefront of this monetary bitcoin revolution and you can start to get free bitcoin almost daily if you use just

Lolli,  Pei and Voyager

Voyager doesn't allow you to consistently earn bitcoin.  It is however, my favorite crypto exchange and they offer $25 in free bitcoin once you sign up for an account and trade your first $100 dollars.  Can't argue with free bitcoin ;)  Check it out here

I will continue to update this site as I come across new startups or companies that legitimately help you to earn bitcoin.  In fact, I've already found another one.. just waiting to get approved then I'll pass on the information

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I will probably only email a couple times a year because there just aren't that many opportunities to get free bitcoin right now until bitcoin hits mass adoption

I don't think I need to explain "what is bitcoin" because chances are you wouldn't have found this page if you weren't searching something similar to "earn bitcoin".. however, here is one of the best videos I've ever seen to explain "What is bitcoin and how does it work"

Now, once you start "stacking sats" (a.k.a. "earn bitcoin"), you're going to need a place to store your bitcoin

The best place is a bitcoin wallet, and we've got the best bitcoin wallet, just click here


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Lolli are creating their own app and will allow linking cards in the future but for now you need to either add their web extension or if ordering on mobile first log into your account then order from lolli.com/stores

Pei (Code "pei me" for free $2.50 in bitcoin) may be the simplest way to earn free bitcoin in the world today

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Link a credit card that has it's own reward program so you "double dip" rewards and earn bitcoin too!

Voyager is a crypto trading app founded by industry experts from leading organizations like E*TRADE, UBER, TradeIt, Lightspeed Financial and more

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